Bloody Mary with Whiskey Recipe

If you are on this website, we can make an assumption you’re a fan of the brunch cocktail Queen and like an excellent Bloody Mary. But for those looking to stray away from the norm, try the Bloody Mary with Whiskey – it’s a fun and unique twist on the...

How Many Carbs in Bloody Mary Mix

How Many Carbs in Bloody Mary Mix We List Them All When we wrote the recipe for our Keto Bloody Mary, we got some great feedback. A LOT of feedback. Most of the readers who were new to our blog assumed you could not have a low carb bloody mary, especially if you were...
Keto  Bloody Mary

Keto Bloody Mary

Wanting a Bloody Mary but on a Keto or low card diet? Use this recipe mix to fit perfectly into a keto or a low carb diet. At only 4 carbs, you won’t be sacrificing your keto diet to enjoy an incredibly delicious bloody mary.

Michelada Sour Recipe

Michelada Sour Recipe

This Michelada is a slight twist, we like to make our michelada with sour beer. It’s a great way to play off the beer’s acidity and using it in place of lime juice. We serve enough micheladas that we keep some Stu’s around just for them. If you’re...