Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs Recipe

Bloody Mary ingredients obviously make the best cocktail, but they make for a fun and delicious food too. I love experimenting with classic recipes and adding my own unique bloody mary flavor twist to them. One of my recent favorites has been Bloody Mary deviled eggs...

Bloody Margarita

For those bloody mary lovers, we have a delicious Summertime cocktail you have to try. The bloody margarita! It may sound like some combo that you wouldn’t try on your own, but hear us out. It’s bloody good. So it a Bloody Mary Marg or a Margarita Bloody...
Keto  Bloody Mary

Keto Bloody Mary

Wanting a Bloody Mary but on a Keto or low card diet? Use this recipe mix to fit perfectly into a keto or a low carb diet. At only 4 carbs, you won’t be sacrificing your keto diet to enjoy an incredibly delicious bloody mary.

Michelada Sour Recipe

Michelada Sour Recipe

This Michelada is a slight twist, we like to make our michelada with sour beer. It’s a great way to play off the beer’s acidity and using it in place of lime juice. We serve enough micheladas that we keep some Stu’s around just for them. If you’re...