How Many Carbs in Bloody Mary Mix

We List Them All

When we wrote the recipe for our Keto Bloody Mary, we got some great feedback. A LOT of feedback.

Most of the readers who were new to our blog assumed you could not have a low carb bloody mary, especially if you were purchasing a pre-made mix.  Most people thought that you needed to make a DIY made from scratch Bloody mary in order for it to be low carb. But STUs Bloody Mary mix is proof that you don’t need to take a ton of time and spend a lot of money on individual ingredients to make an awesome all natural Bloody Mary.

We had some good conversations with some low carb seeking friends and they were curious about the carb count in Bloody Mary mixes. So we thought we’d put together an awesome detailed guide that answers that question.

Tomato Juice is the Bad Guy

Vodka is low carb. Spices are low carb. Hot sauces are usually low carb. It’s the tomato juice that makes a Bloody Mary not qualify as low carb. And because other pre-made Bloody Mary Mixes ALL come with tomato juice in their mix, they are not going to be considered low carb. Well all but one.

How Many Carbs in Bloody Mary Mixes – Here’s the List

How Many Carbs in STUs Bloody Mary Mix

STUs Bloody Mary mix is 0 carbs. We are able to pull this off because we don’t add tomato juice, so you can make the cocktail your own way. If you want a low carb Bloody Mary, STUs can help you get there with some unique recipes using just our mix, lower carb tomato juice or even tomato water. Other benefits of not adding tomato juice to our concentrate is that it will last longer after opening and we only add all-natural ingredients. 

If you’re using a mix with the tomato juice in the mix, you’re stuck with only one non-low and carby option.

If you’re shopping for some other pre-made mixes here are the carb options. We’ve included some of the more popular pre-made options, other than STU’s. Check them out. 

How Many Carbs are in Zing Zang

8g Carbs

how many carbs in zing xang

Zing Zang has 4g of carbs per serving. But the serving size is only 3oz. You’re going to put 6 oz of the mix and 2 ounces of vodka for a drink. So 8g of carbs is more realistic of a drink made from this mix.




How Many Carbs in McClures Bloody Mary Mix

mcclures bloody mary mix carbs

How many carbs in bloody mary mix, McClures. According to McClures label, there are 4g of carbs per serving. They use a 4oz pour for a serving but 6oz is more realistic to what you’ll drink, so 6g is closer to what you can expect from this bloody mary mix.




How Many Carbs in V8 Bloody Mary Mix

how many carbs in v8 bloody mary mix

V8 has 8g of carbs per serving. With a serving size of 5oz. That’s close what you’ll use and is pretty accurate.






How Many Carbs in Mr. and Mrs. T Bloody Mary Mix

how many carbs in mr and mrs ts bloody mary mix

Mr and Mrs T’s Bloody Mary Mix has 7g of carbs per serving. The have 5oz as the serving size and you will make a drink with 5 or 6oz of mix in your bloody mary so this is pretty accurate.




That covers the most popular brands. We hope this helps you when trying to understand how many carbs in bloody mary mixes.  As you can see, most Bloody Mary options are not going to be low carb. You can decide what’s right for you, but if you’re looking for a Bloody Mary mix you can customize just for your liking, and one made with ALL NATURAL ingredients then Stu’s Bloody Mary Mix is a great option for you.