Looking for best Bloody Mary Concentrate?

Our layered, complex flavor is spicy, peppery, savory

and unlike any other Bloody Mary mix out there.

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It Starts With Passion.

Homemade pickle brine and a passion for Bloody Marys that don’t disappoint are the secret ingredients that set Stu’s THIS IS BLOODY MARY concentrate apart.
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No Artificial Ingredients.

Stu’s distinction starts with fine, fresh ingredients.

Take a look at the ingredients of your current favorite bloody mary mix. You’ll find all sorts of dodgy artificial flavors, colors and other things that go into it.

Not in Stu’s.

STU’s is made of all natural and gluten-free goodness. Everything in our mix is wholesome and natural.

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Handmade Pickle Brine.

Our handmade pickle brine comes from real pickles grown on Midwest farms.

It’s not just for pickle lovers.

But it’s one of the special ingredients that sets STU’s Bloody Mary mix apart.

The Art of Bloody Mary’s

This is Bloody Mary.

Whether it’s before Noon or afternoon, we believe in a quality Bloody Mary.

We design all of our products with painstaking love and care in our test kitchen. We choose to work with Midwestern farmers who are committed to ethical farming and preserving our precious natural resources.

Crafted from Science

Hours of research, observation, and testing goes into each jar of Stu’s. We put the labor of his love to work for you, creating the perfect Bloody Mary concentrate.

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STU’s is the secret serum to concocting the perfect personalized Bloody Mary at home.

With no tomato juice included, Stu’s lets you make your Bloody Mary exactly the way you want.

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Stu’s Bloody Mary Mix

Each bottle of STU’S contains all the spices and Stu’s sour pickle juice you need to make a round of the best Bloody Marys you’ve ever had. Mix yourself one today!

Three amazing flavors to choose from.

  • Original Flavor
  • Smoked Jalapeno
  • Jamaikan Jerk

Just add your favorite tomato juice and spirits and enjoy.

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Bloody Mary Mixology Kit

An entire bloody mary bar in a box!

Everything You Need:

  • (2) Bottles of Stu’s Bloody Mary Mix
  • Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce for extra kick
  • (2) Different Salt Rimmers
  • Easy & Convenient Carrying Case

Take any party or tailgate to the next level. Also makes the perfect gift for any bloody mary fanatic.

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Stu’s 64oz Growler

Got a big party coming up? Or just awesome and drink your share of perfect bloody mary’s, then Stu’s Growler is your new best friend.

64oz of Bloody Mary Mix goodness.

STU’S Original Flavor.

Save some $$ when go BIG.

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