Brunch Menu Ideas

brunch menu ideas for spring

We love brunch. It’s our favorite meal. And it pairs perfectly with a Bloody Mary.

But there are things that make or break a good brunch.

So lets lay some official groundwork for brunching like a badass.

Read on for some brunch menu ideas and everything else you need to know about our favorite meal of the week.

Ultimate List of Brunch Menu Ideas

Brunch Menu Ideas for the Ultimate Home Brunch 1

Easy Brunch Ideas For A Group

Try These Breakfast Brunch Recipes:

Okay, your friends are over and everyone is ready to smash some good eats. You can’t call yourself the hostess with the mostess unless you feed these hungry hippos.

Try these brunch recipes from

  • Bacon, Tomato and Cheddar Cheese Bake with Eggs

delicious brunch menu recipes

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This breakfast casserole topped with runny eggs develops one hell of a texture as it cooks slowly in a glass dish (which makes it easy to see when the bottom is perfectly browned).

Serve this up piping hot with a bloody mary on the side to tie the beverage right back to the tomato in the dish.

Full recipe here.

  • Oversize Breakfast Biscuits

brunch menu ideas

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Serve these moist bad boys with strawberry jam, or spiced pastrami and cheddar for a savory twist. If you are looking for a stacked/loaded bloody mary, these are great to put on a stick.

Full recipe here.

  • Tropical Mini Breakfast Muffins

Brunch Menu Ideas for the Ultimate Home Brunch 2

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Mango, banana and coconut give these muffins a sweet, tropical flavor, says, while the garbanzo bean flour helps create a tender texture and also provides a little extra protein.

Whether you are brunchin’ in the heartland or on the coasts, it’s all the same–with this dish you’re always in the tropics.

Full recipe here.

  • Vegetarian Brunch Enchiladas with Eggs and Sweet Potatoes

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This one is vegetarian centric, sure, but make no mistake–the meat eaters of the clan will have their mouths watering, too. After all, only Ron Swanson can eat meat all the time. When you think about it, are eggs really vegetarian anyways?

Full recipe here.

  • Baked Eggs with Chorizo and Potatoes

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You may notice a recurring theme here with potatoes, but you have to admit, nothing feeds a crowd like some carb loaded, delicious potatoes.

Feeding the masses is all about getting a lot out of what you have, and potatoes and eggs are high mileage. Add some toast and you’re ready to go.

Full recipe here.

Make Ahead Brunch Recipes

Don’t be that person who picks up chips at Walmart on the way to brunch but still acts like they made a contribution. Get real and make something delicious for the fam. Betty Crocker comes in clutch here with make ahead recipes that please.

  • Bacon, Egg and Tot Bake

Brunch Menu Ideas for the Ultimate Home Brunch 5

Photo Credit: Betty Crocker

Both bacon and eggs keep well when included in a bake. Add the tots and you have yourself a winning dish to prep for brunch. Throw this together the night before, leave it in the fridge and cook in the morning. There are no wrong answers.

Full recipe here.

  • Cinnamon Bun Waffles

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Photo Credit: Betty Crocker

It’s classic and simple. Waffles are a fine, respectable contribution to any brunch. With this option you could give everyone a taste of home, or at the very least some bomb ass breakfast food. Add some french toast and yum!

Full recipe here.

  • Overnight Egg Sausage Bake

Brunch Menu Ideas for the Ultimate Home Brunch 7

Photo Credit: Betty Crocker

Did sausage finally make it into our brunch menu ideas for spring? Why yes. Yes it did.

The last dish sent everyone home, but this one bought the crew a one-way ticket to nomm-ville.

Full recipe here

  • Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pancake Bake

Brunch Menu Ideas for the Ultimate Home Brunch 8

Photo Credit: Betty Crocker

Yep. You read that right.

Your taste buds are already tingling and all you got were a few kind words and a picture. Amazing right?

This awesome hybrid make ahead meal will be the real crowd pleaser.

Full recipe here.

Taking Brunch To The Epic Level 

Brunch menu ideas for spring can be whatever you want them to be. After all, brunch was created so you didn’t have to choose between breakfast and lunch. There are some general guidelines to follow though if you want your brunch to be the best thing since bloody mary mix.

  • Be Sure to Include Eggs

Some people are a little more on the breakfast side of things when it comes to badass brunchin’ and eggs are a breakfast staple. Fried, scrambled, in a casserole–doesn’t matter–just make sure you have them.

Brunch Drink Recipes:

brunch drink recipes

The most important and possibly most under mentioned aspect of brunch are the beverages.

Some like to get down with mimosas and what have you, but make no mistake, Bloody Marys are by far the best option for brunch.

So go get yourself some Stu’s THIS IS BLOODY MARY right now. And serve the best ever bloody mary mix at your next brunch. Choose between Original, Smoked Jalapeno and Jamaican Jerk.

Got a big group? Try our Bloody Mary Pitcher Recipe for you and all of your friends.

  • Place Cards

I will level with you, this came right out of Martha Stewart’s playbook, but this is 100 percent the best way to take your brunch to the next level. You can’t lose. If your brunch is for a group of folks who are more on the swanky side and love the high class treatment–this is a hit. Conversely, a group of guys or gals who think it’s the dumbest thing on the planet will get a huge laugh out of it.

  • Personality Drink Pairing

Some planning and effort required, but so worth it. If you have a guest list of ten or less, this is a manageable undertaking.

The concept is simple, you make a beverage for each bruncher that best fits their personality. The suave, slender guy with great hair? An old fashioned. The fun loving, hilarious lady in your life? A sangria. It’s easy!

The best personality in the group gets paired with the bloody mary, right?

What Time Is Brunch Served?

Brunch Menu Ideas for the Ultimate Home Brunch 9

The age-old question. Technically speaking you can serve brunch whenever the hell you want because freedom isn’t free unless brunch is too, but there are some general guidelines should you choose to follow them.

The general consensus about brunch is that it shouldn’t extend past the early afternoon hours. You know those people who say: “It isn’t brunch if you’re eating around lunchtime”? Yeah don’t listen to them. Brunch is defined by the menu, not the time!

All that being said, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. is a perfect window of time to enjoy a great brunch.

Brunch Menu Ideas: Crowd Pleasing Desserts

Brunch Menu Ideas for the Ultimate Home Brunch 10

  • Potluck Banana Cake

Baking bread is actually super easy and yields a tasty result with minimal effort. The full recipe is right here–go wild.

  • Deep Dish Apple Pie

Grandma would be jealous, this apple pie variation is off the charts. It’s similar to standard apple pie, but retro-fitted casserole dish style to feed the masses.

Full recipe here.

  • Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle

Yes, it is just as good as it sounds. This rich, tempting trifle feeds a crowd and features the ever-popular combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Two words–diet buster.

Full recipe here.

  • Peanut Butter Custard Blast

One more from the peanut butter/chocolate arena can’t hurt. This dish feeds a crowd and is without question the crème de la crème of brunch desserts.

Full recipe here.

Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? Who cares. Brunching, by default, is all about breaking the rules–but at the end of the day you have to know what the hell you’re doing if it’s gonna be a good experience. When you are brain storming your brunch menu ideas for spring, don’t forget Uncle Stu, and keep these pointers in mind–you’ll be just fine.