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Stu's Elixir Bottle

100% pure pickle juice

Sports drinks are weak. But Stu’s Pickle Juice? A force of nature. A 100% pure, endurance enhancing, cramp fighting, hangover eradicating elixir. So drink up.

Gain Power, Go Sour.


We know top athletes treat their bodies like temples. That’s why Stu’s Elixir is a pure, safe, paleo-friendly alternative that keeps your body performing at 110%.


When our handcrafted Pickle Juice contains 4 simple ingredients, why reach for a sports drink with harsh chemicals, piles of sugar, and neon colors? Go Sour, Gain Power.


Until now pickle juice has been a secret well kept by trainers and coaches. Well, secret’s out. Whether mixed into your water bottle or shot back during acute cramping, Pickle juice is the ultimate solution to staying hydrated.


Four ingredients: pure water, sea salt, apple cider vinegar and a blend of pickling spices.

What more do you need?

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It’s not only for its ability to kick a hangover that 30 top university athletic programs are including Stu’s Elixir in their hydration tool box. Many high intensity gyms, endurance athletes, and people pushing their bodies to new limits have chosen Stu’s.

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