Bloody Mary Marinade

Easy 2-Ingredient Steak Marinade Recipe

This will hands down, be the easiest Bloody Mary Steak you ever make?

Why…because for this tender and delicious recipe…. you now ONLY need two things. Stu’s This Is Bloody Mary Smoked Jalapeño Mix and a steak. That’s it.

Now longer a shopping basket of ingredients, just Stu’s This Is Bloody Mary Mix and a steak. That’s it.

For this particular recipe, we used a Kansas City Strip Steak and we also opted for the Smoked Jalapeno Bloody Mary Mix.

But, pick your poison, it’s good with all types of steaks.

You can also use any of our Stu’s mixes, Original, Smoked Jalapeño or Jamaican Jerk.

Our mixes don’t have any tomato juice in them, so essentially it’s just a bunch of seasonings…mouthwatering ones.

Alright so this is what we did….

Bloody Mary Steak Ingredients:


  1. Get out your steak and place in a dish
  2. Pour (carefully and slowly) a little bit of Stu’s Smoked Jalapeño Mix. You don’t want to saturate it. Just a couple of ounces will do just fine. Only pour over one side. Then spread the mix over both sides of the steak. Let sit for one hour at room temperature.
  3. Grill your steak. We grilled ours medium rare because we are from the Midwest 🙂 A couple minutes on each side and Boom! Done. Enjoy!

So that’s it. The easiest Bloody Mary Steak you’ve ever made, and we’re confident you’ll think it was one of the best.