Virgin Mary Drink Recipe

The Virgin Mary Drink is pretty simple, it’s a Bloody Mary but without the alcohol.

So the Virgin Mary Drink recipe is pretty simple, if you have a favorite Bloody Mary recipe, just bypass the step when the recipe calls for vodka and BOOM…a delicious Virgin Mary Drink.

The beauty of the Virgin Mary Drink is that anyone can enjoy this drink any time of the day. And even better, it makes a perfect way to get a quick addition of vegetables, and the nutritional values from them, to your diet in a fast easy drink.

A DIY Virgin Mary Drink could not be more simple.

Just combine the ingredients in a glass, and stir.

As with any other Bloody Mary, the Virgin Mary can be made to your individual taste and liking. Make it as spicy or mild as you like, add additional seasoning, salt rimmers, ingredients, and garnishes.

Enjoy your Virgin Mary Drink, it makes an easy breakfast or a natural energy drink.

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