Keto Bloody Mary

How to make a Low carb Bloody Mary

Because our Bloody Mary Concentrate is low carb, many folks have come to us asking for a Keto bloody Mary Recipe. So let’s start with the basics.

Defining a Ketogenic Diet

If you’re not familiar with the ketogenic diet you aren’t hanging out in gyms or health circles. The ketogenic diet has become trendy of late, but the origins have been around for a while. Dating back to the 1920’s as a treatment for epilepsy.

The keto diet works by promoting the metabolic formation of ketone bodies in the blood system by causing the body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates as a principal energy source.

The most important thing for reaching ketosis is to avoid eating too many carbs.

That’s the basic rule of the diet. Although it varies by person, “Too many carbs” means keeping your carb intake under 50 grams per day of net carbs, ideally below 20 grams. The fewer carbs, the more effective the diet is.

Low Carb Bloody Mary

It’s because of this low carb rule that makes a typical bloody mary pretty much out of the picture for those on a ketogenic diet. Tomato juice typically has a ton of carbs and most bloody mary mixes fall into high carbohydrate camp too.

Example: Popular mix Zing Zang’s is going to put you at around 10-12 net carbs per serving. One drink and you’re already over half your daily intake.

For a carb list of your fav Bloody Mary Mixes CLICK HERE.

We think you can do better on taste and lower on carbs.

Even if you’re on a low carb diet, you can still have a bloody mary.

Here’s The secret.

It’s all about using a keto friendly bloody mary mix, like Stu’s.

How To Make a Keto Bloody Mary Mix

Stu’s Bloody Mary Concentrate fits into a keto or a low carb diet. 

How? Because there’s no tomato juice. So you aren’t forced into a surgary mix and get to reduce the tomato juice in yout cocktail.

Here’s what makes it low carb friendy:

  • There is no tomato juice in Stu’s
  • It’s only 5-10 calories per serving and 0 carbs, you won’t be sacrificing your keto diet to enjoy a bloody mary.
  • Pickle Brine base
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Gluten Free

Because Stu’s is a concentrate and not a typical mix, there’s no tomato juice, so it is perfect for a low carb diet. Stu’s allows you to add more of the mix and less of the higher carbohydrate-rich juice, but without sacrificing flavor.

Stu’s is also Gluten Free and made with all natural ingredients. No MSG. No nasty preservatives. So you are still maintaining real and pure ingredients.

Typically we use 2oz of Stu’s with 4 or 6 oz of Tomato juice in a traditional bloody mary. But to keep this version low carb we are going lower on the tomato juice and higher on the Stu’s Bloody Mary Concentrate.

Low Carb Bloody Mary Recipe

keto bloody mary recipe

Keto Bloody Mary Ingredients:

Recipe Directions:

  • Take 3 strips of bacon and crush it in a food processor or by hand into tiny bits.
  • Wet a highball glass rim with a few drops of water and roll bacon bits on rim.
  • Add ice.
  • Pour in tomato juice.
  • Add Stu’s Bloody Mary Concentrate and stir.
  • Add your choice of vodka.
  • Stir. (don’t shake)
  • No garnish

Note: We prefer an organic tomato juice, but even Cambell’s only has 6g net carbs for a 5.5oz can.

Enjoy! While no alcoholic drink can be labeled as “healthy”, for those on the Keto plan this should be a tasty option. Let us know if you try this Keto Bloody Mary! Even though it is a low carb bloody mary, it’s still very high on taste. Cheers!