Bloody Mary Calories

Wondering whether or not bloody marys are good for you?

Then an important part is determining how many calories are in a bloody mary?

When trying to determine how many calories are in a bloody mary, it’s not as easy as it sounds. With a dirty martini, you just add the calories from vodka and olive juice. And maybe add the calories from vermouth.

But Bloody Marys are a personal drink, with A TON of variations all based on where you are drinking them or how you like them.

But in the interest of trying to be the most helpful, we are going to make our bloody mary calorie counter based on popular tastes.

Our calorie counter is for bloody marys that look like this:

how many bloody mary calories


But if your bloody mary looks like this, with insane crazy garnishes, then it’s going to have A TON more calories.

how many calories are in a bloody mary


How Many Calories are in a Bloody Mary:

Well let’s break it down by ingredients.

Bloody Mary Ingredients:

  • Stu’s Bloody Mary Mix – 5
  • Vodka –  97 calories per 1oz
  • Tomato Juice – V8 (no we don’t recommend this as the best, but it is the most common) – 50 Calories (8 fl oz)
  • Ice – 0 calories


  • Olives – 25 calories (2 olives)
  • Celery Spear – 6 calories
  • Pickle Spear – 3 calories

 Total Calories For a Bloody Mary – 181

Bloody Mary Garnish Calories: 

  • Bacon – 43 (1 piece)
  • Whole Fried Chicken – 2,448
  • Extra Hot Sauce – 0