Smokey Bloody Mary with Mezcal

We’re assuming you’ve had a traditional bloody mary with vodka, but if you really want to step up the flavor game, try subbing out vodka for some Mezcal. Mezcal is getting more trendy by the minute. And it’s easy to see why. With the smokiness of...

Bloody Mary With Gin

Looking a fantastic alternative to vodka with your Bloody Mary’s? Try a Bloody Mary with Gin. Aka the Red Snapper, this drink recipe is perfect for brunch or anytime and offers a delicious twist to the traditional vodka alternative.

Green Bloody Mary

Green Bloody Mary

The Best Green Bloody Mary Requires the Best Green Bloody Mary Mix Heres how to make it! Here’s A newer trend in bloody cirlces, offering a twist to this classic cocktail : a bloody mary without tomatoes. It sounds like sacrilege but it’s truly delicious....

Red Beer Recipe

We were born in Chicago, we manufacture in Michigan, but we operate out of Nebraska. And Being in Nebraska, you are forced to be a Husker fan. If you’re not originally, you learn to be or they toss you out of the state. And with being a Husker fan comes a...

Virgin Mary Drink

Virgin Mary Drink Virgin Bloody Mary Recipe The Virgin Bloody Mary Drink is pretty simple, it’s a classic Bloody Mary but the non alcoholic version. You may be asking, why would anyone want a bloody mary without vodka? Isn’t that just tomato juice?...
Bloody Caesar Recipe

Bloody Caesar Recipe

The Bloody Caesar, also know as just a Caesar, was invented in 1969, and is most popular in Canada where it was invented. In fact, Canadians drink more than 350 million Bloody Caesar’s every year and there has even been a petition to make it Canada’s national mixed drink.