STUs ‘This is Bloody Mary’ Concentrate
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There are a lot of other Bloody Mary mixes on the market.

And being honest, some are actually pretty good. But we didn’t start Stu’s Kitchen to be another “good” bloody mary mix to go in your fridge. We are here to be your new favorite bartender.

So what makes Stu’s Bloody Mary Mix different?

No Tomato Juice

Stu’s Bloody Mary mix is a concentrate.  This puts us in direct contrast with almost every other Bloody Mary Mix. We don’t have tomato juice in our mix for a few good reasons.


Let Stu himself tell it best (yes he’s a real dude)

“I was terrified of making the same old Bloody Mary mix. That’s when I thought of the idea to remove the tomato juice. By not having to put tomato juice in our mix allowed us to avoid bad preservatives and make it really unique.

—and the fact that we removed the tomato juice. Putting tomato juice in the mix—like you see in grocery stores—gives you a watered down flavor that just isn’t what it should be. I wanted to create something that tasted like it came straight from the best bartender—all people have to add is the fresh tomato juice and vodka.”

Bloody Mary Mix WITHOUT Tomato Juice:

The other great benefit to leaving out the tomato juice is…options.
  • Do you like your bloody mary with Clamato juice?
  • Do you prefer your bloody marys with way more ‘tomato-ey’ flavor?
  • Or maybe you prefer yours with organic right off the vine-ripe tomato juice.
So that’s the same bloody may cocktail with 3 VERY different and personalized flavors.
With Stu’s, one bottle can make all three versions.
We aren’t in the business of telling people how to make their bloody mary.  We just want to be there to guide you down the path to be able to create the perfect bloody mary.

All Natural Ingredients

I think a good Bloody Mary should always be chewy. So the goal was to create texture. Part of it is the pickle juice, which gives the drink a tart-spicy mix with a hint of cucumber. Then there are the classic ingredients and herbs. We use two kinds of chili peppers to give it different levels of heat. Then just salt and pepper!

That’s it.

  • No weird chemicals.
  • No artificial ingredients.
  • Nothing you can’t go buy yourself.

But we’ve made it simple, so you don’t have to. We’ve also used the perfect ratio to give you a perfect Bloody Mary. Every time.


Our mix is unique because of the pickles. The inclusion adds to the Bloody Mary mix’s concentration and complexity.

If you don’t have good pickle juice, you won’t have a good Bloody Mary.

And if you don’t have a good balance in the pickle juice, you’re doomed from the beginning.

I hate a pickle that just is one note—too spicy or too tart. My love for food has led me to believe that any particular ingredient has to be just as good as the whole. Pickles, in my opinion, start off tart, then get spicy, then you taste the herbs. There’s not just one line to it. Same with a Bloody Mary.

They call it the most complex cocktail out there because there are so many layers of flavor inside. The drink evolves from beginning to end. Our handpicked Michigan pickles make the perfect brine to give you a Bloody Mary mix that pleases from beginning to end.

What we’ve built into our Bloody Mary concentrate:
The heat that you need, without being overwhelmingly hot. The complexity of flavor, beautiful texture, and a little bit of smokey heat on the back end.

Three Flavor Options:

We have three flavor options for our Bloody Mary Mix.

  • Classic
  • Smoked Jalapeno
  • Jamaican Jerk

Stu’s Classic – Orginal Flavor